2018 National Rural Crime Survey – open until 10th June

Do you think rural crime has gone up or down in your area? Do you feel safer? What’s your view of the police in your community?

After the last survey 3 years ago, the National Rural Crime Network produced a series of recommendations and, in many areas, the police took steps to improve matters. So, now, they want to know what’s changed – what is the true picture of crime and anti-social behaviour in rural communities, and the impact it has where you live or work.

The 2018 survey is open until 10th June at http://www.nationalruralcrimenetwork.net/research/internal/2018survey/

British Farming Awards 2018

With the Brexit process marching on, The British Farming Awards is a celebration of the every-day resilience and innovation demonstrated across the core sectors of our industry.

The awards are organised by AgriBriefing, parent company to Farmers Guardian, Arable Farming and Dairy Farmer. There are 14 categories in total, all recognising farming’s core sectors – arable, beef, sheep, dairy and machinery – as well as acknowledging the vast array of farm diversifications emerging as farmers add value to their businesses.

The awards showcase diversity and a willingness to adapt regardless of whether you are a farmer, farm worker, new entrant or a member of an established family business.

There is often a perception when entering awards that you have to be the biggest and the best in the industry, but the British Farming Awards aims to showcase innovation and adaptability – no matter what the size and scale of the business.

For full details of all the categories, how to enter or nominate go to the website https://www.britishfarmingawards.co.uk/

Entries close on Friday 13th July

Awards Night Thursday October 18th at the National Conference Centre

Important Changes to Red Tractor Beef and Lamb Standards

As of 1st June 2018 you will be assessed against new Red Tractor Beef and Lamb standards, relating to antibiotic use on farm.

These amendments reflect the industry’s commitment to being responsible users of antibiotics. In brief, members will be required to work with their vet to review health and performance data. The review must be written down and a template for the vet to fill in can be found here.

This review includes looking at medicine records and prescription data that outlines total antibiotic use, to make recommendations as to where farms can use antibiotics as responsibly as possible.

Other changes include the use of Highest Priority Critically Important Antibiotics and recommendations for disease prevention strategies.

Please read this document here to ensure you are compliant.

Meeting for beef, lamb and dairy vets on Red Tractor changes

24th May, 7.00pm at Ledbury Rugby Club

Red Tractor is hosting a meeting for farm vets to update them on the new Red Tractor beef, lamb and dairy standards

More information and how to book can be found here.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May 2018.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) are governing the changes made to Data Protection and as such should be the “go to” place for guidance information and updates on these new regulations.

Their guide to the GDPR explains the provisions of the GDPR to help organisations comply with its requirements. It is for those who have day-to-day responsibility for data protection.
Click here for the guide.

Getting ready for the GDPR

  • Click here for the ICO 12-step guide to the GDPR
  • Click here for the ICO’s very useful checklist that you can work with to ensure you are following the right steps

Herefordshire “Stop the Drop” Litter Pledge

Stop the Drop was launched by Herefordshire Council in 2016 with the aim of encouraging everyone to take more responsibility for their waste by not dropping litter, and organising community litter picks to engender a pride
in their local surroundings.

Over 200 community groups, businesses, Parish and Town Councils have signed the Stop the Drop Litter Pledge which aims to help keep Herefordshire litter-free.

Litter has a detrimental impact on our physical and mental health, tourism, wildlife and the environment. To support the campaign businesses, schools, community groups, individuals and Parish Councils are being invited to sign
a litter pledge to demonstrate their commitment to keeping their areas
clear of litter and encouraging others to do the same.

Farmers are the guardians of the countryside and have a very important role in keeping our beautiful county clear of litter.

Farmers are invited to sign up to the Litter Pledge at:- https://myaccount.herefordshire.gov.uk/business-litter-pledge

For more information please email stopthedrop@herefordshire.gov.uk

All businesses that sign up to the pledge are featured on the
Stop the Drop web pages.

New “Water Environment Grant” launched

DEFRA, Natural England and the Environment Agency have launched a new Water Environment Grant (WEG) scheme to improve the water environment.

The scheme will provide a total of £9 million a year for the next three years to applicants applying for funding for works to restore the water environment (rivers, lakes, canals, wetlands etc).

Potential projects could include river restoration, removal of obstacles to help fish passage or actions to improve the water quality.

WEG is now open to eligible applicants, which includes farmers, but please note that the application deadline is 11th May 2018.

Grants will be determined by EA and NE, and funding will be awarded in August 2018.
Successful applicants will be expected to start their projects before March 2019, with completion dates of March 2021.

Guidance and access to the application form can be found HERE
There is an Online application form (or you can request a paper form if you are unable to access and download the online form).

Local Company changes it’s name from Cargill to Avara Foods

Avara Foods is a 50/50 joint venture between Cargill and Faccenda, and immediately becomes one of the UK’s largest food businesses, supplying chicken, turkey and duck to retailers, food service and food manufacturers.

Employing around 6000 talented individuals, Avara Foods operates a fully integrated supply chain, across agriculture, processing and distribution – with 18 major sites and over 350 farms across the UK.

The aim of the joint venture is to enable further growth and Avara will continue to operate locally in Herefordshire and Newent.

Update on the “2020 Vision for Herefordshire’s Family Farms”

This project, funded by the Prince’s Countryside Fund and run in conjunction with the Herefordshire Rural Hub, is now running at full capacity.

Participants have all had the opportunity to attend workshops on a range of subjects from succession planning to diversification.

Each farm is being treated on an individual basis with no two farms alike, a bespoke programme for each farm has been drawn up with further opportunities to access training.

A business mentor has been allocated to each farmer, to guide and lend support throughout this three year project, with the aim of strengthening the future viability of the family farm.

New rules for farmers in England to help protect water quality

From 2nd April 2018.

New rules for all farmers in England to help protect water quality, by standardising the good farm practices that many are already performing and offering a new approach to regulation.

In essence the rules require farmers to:
• keep soil on the land;
• match nutrients to crop, and soil needs, and
• keep livestock fertilisers and manures out of the water.

To find out more go to:- www.gov.uk/government/publications/farming-rules-for-water-from-april-2018 or visit GOV.UK.