FREE Waste Plastic and Card Disposal for Farmers and Businesses in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Surrounding Areas.

Rural Waste Recycling 

Don’t pay to dispose of your farm plastic and card – bring it to us at Rural Waste Recycling for free – we will take as little or as much as you have, we will issue you a waste transfer note and it won’t cost you a penny.  – In fact leave your wallet at home.

Located in Newent, Gloucestershire, Rural Waste Recycling will take much of your farm or business waste plastic. We bale it up and sell it abroad which enables us to offer the free service.

What do we take

  • Silage-wrap and silage string
  • fertilizer and seed bags
  • spray cans and feed bags
  • irrigation pipe
  • card 
  • trickle take and much more  

All we ask is that you call ahead so we know you’re coming and that you separate the waste by type as much as possible.

WE NEED YOUR WASTE. We are the only free farm plastic and card disposal in the country.

However, our business only works if you bring in your waste plastic and card – it’s a great opportunity to dispose of your waste for free, it has an environmental impact (nothing goes to landfill) whilst supporting a local business.

For more information or to get booked in  please Call 01531 888111, mobile 07765252433
or email 

Find us online



Countryside Stewardship 2018 Open for Applications

Countryside Stewardship is now open for applications for multi annual agreements to start on 1st January 2018.
Click here for details of the schemes.

If you are considering making an application then you must ask for an application pack as soon as possible.     

Higher Tier applications have a deadline of 5th May when initial applications must be submitted.
Applications packs must be asked for by 13th April.
Click here for the Higher Tier manual

Mid-Tier applications have a deadline of 30th September.
Application packs must be requested by 31st July.
Click here for the Mid Tier manual


How a Herefordshire hectare could save a Rainforest hectare…

The Size of Herefordshire is a radical new scheme set up by a local group, that aims to protect an area of rainforest in the Amazon that is the same size as the county – 218,000 hectares in total.

Tropical rainforests play a crucial role in helping counteract climate change – they currently absorb nearly a fifth of the world’s man-made CO2 emissions every year, and are home to the indigenous Forest Peoples whose livelihoods depend entirely on them being sustained.

Herefordshire has a major problem with its carbon emissions and the Size of Herefordshire provides a unique opportunity for local people to take positive action, and to help keep this vital rainforest standing.

An interactive online map has been developed as a fundraising tool which links land in the county with parts of the rainforest.  The map divides Herefordshire into individual squares each representing 10 hectares and with a one-off cost of £5.00 each to sponsor.  You can sponsor up to 8 squares at a time.

The Size of Herefordshire is appealing to anyone who lives in the county to get involved by sponsoring their home, village, farm, business or a favourite place, by purchasing the relevant squares on the map.

Every pound raised through the map goes directly to the Forest Peoples Programme (UK Registered Charity No. 1082158).  They assist the Forest Peoples in securing legal title of their land, thus preventing loggers and other corporations and exploiters from destroying it.

If you would like to support the project please visit click on ‘Donate,’ scroll down to ‘donate through our map,’ and follow the simple steps.  Any contribution, no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated.

With your help we can protect an area of rainforest that is ‘The Size of Herefordshire.’

Please Like us on Facebook ‘Size of Herefordshire’ or Twitter @SizeofHereford

Co-ordinator: Jeremy Bugler, Woodlands Farm, Blakemere, Hereford HR2 9PY
telephone: 01981 500 378  email:

Fundraiser: Susie de Labillière   email:

Steering Group: Sue Bell, Will Bullough, Geoff Petty, Ingrid Heatly, Jeremy Bugler

size of Herefordshire


Don’t forget the National Minimum wage goes up on 1st April

On the 1 April 2017, the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates for all age bands and for apprentices will increase. Mistakes can be costly, avoid this one and don’t fall foul of underpaying minimum wage.

   –   Find out the new rates of pay at

   –   Remember to take appropriate payroll action for anybody who is eligible in your organisation.

You can find further information on the National Minimum wage at




Channel 4’s “FIND IT FIX IT FLOG IT”

Have you got a barn or shed stuffed with unwanted clutter?

Then Channel 4’s Find It, Fix It, Flog It is looking for you!

Our presenters will restore and upcycle your old items  – Making you big money in the process.

To take part, contact the production team:


Tel:  02920 223456

Address:  Find It Fix It Flog It, Yeti Television, Floor 9, Southgate House, Cardiff, CF10 1GR

Applications must be made by 31st July 2017


BBC Hereford & Worcester “Munitions” Campaign

BBC Hereford and Worcester has launched a campaign to get official recognition for the forgotten people of the first and second world war – the munitions workers.  They turned yellow, lost their teeth, suffered from lifelong illnesses and sometimes paid the ultimate price as they risked their lives to protect Britain but they have still not been given official recognition.  Thousands of people, mainly women, worked at the sites at Rotherwas in Hereford, Blackpole in Worcester and dozens around the county. They were known as the Canary Girls because the toxic chemicals turned their hair and skin yellow, caused their teeth to fall out and led to early deaths.  It was their stories which inspired BBC Hereford and Worcester to start their campaign to gain official recognition for the sacrifices that they made.  Together with help from Bill Wiggin MP and Jesse Norman MP, they’re hoping that the Government will honour the munitions workers with a badge, similar to the ones which have been awarded to the Land Army workers, the Bevin Boys who worked down the mines and the Women’s Timber Corps.  The campaign was launched on BBC Hereford and Worcester in January and has already been featured on 14 other BBC radio stations and BBC Midlands Today.

Nicola Goodwin is producing the project and she’d love to hear from anybody who worked at the munitions at Rotherwas, Blackpole or elsewhere in Britain.  She’s also collecting people’s memories of their families and any photos that you may have of people who worked in the munitions.

If you can help please contact Nicola on 01432 355255 or at

Pictured below is Nancy Billings from Hereford who worked at Rotherwas and survived the bomb that landed on the shed in which she was working in July 1942.  She’s holding the photo of her friend Betty who pulled them both to safety; everybody else in the shed died in the bombing.


New RDPE Growth Programme – capital grants for tourism projects and food & drink processing activities

The RDPE Growth Programme administered by DEFRA has launched calls for applications for:- 

Capital Grants to support tourism projects and food & drink processing activities in the Marches LEP area

·         £1m is available to develop visitor attractions, tourist information, and recreational and small scale infrastructure projects including holiday accommodation.

·         £2.5m has been allocated to grow and enhance the food and drink sector by supporting micro, small and medium-sized food producers and processors looking to expand and create jobs.

Workshops for applicants are being held in the local Growth Hubs.   For details, and to book your place,  below are the links to the Eventbrite pages for the DEFRA events:

·         Herefordshire

·         Shropshire


Further information about making an application, forms and guidance can be found online at:

Guidelines for the grants in this area will be listed under the Marches LEP.

Free boiler services for Vulnerable Herefordshire Residents

Keep Herefordshire Warm (the Council’s Affordable Warmth service) are able to offer fully funded boiler services to vulnerable Herefordshire residents, between now and the end of March. These will be available on a first come first served basis, and will cover mains Gas and LPG (bottle gas) systems. This offer is only available to homeowners.

Households that include a person(s) living with a disability and people over the age of 60 who receive state pension only or a means tested benefit will qualify for the scheme. In addition, a small fund for boiler repairs and assistance to access grants for replacement boilers will also be available where needed and especially where identified through the services.

To register interest, residents or individuals/organisations supporting them should contact the Keep Herefordshire Warm helpline by calling 0800 677 1432 or via email at